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How To Wash Essentials Hoodies?

wash essentials hoodies

While Essentials hoodies can withstand regular wear while retaining comfort and softness. The durability is heavily dependent on how you clean them. If well maintained, the premium fabric associated with Essentials hoodies can remain stronger and more durable for a longer period.

Essentials maintain a high standard compared to other clothing brands when it comes to quality fabric. This is due to the resilient nature of the premium cotton fabric used in the design process. However, before purchasing an Essentials hoodie, it is important to figure out the method of cleaning. This will not only save you from the danger of damaging the fabric but also retain the original quality for a longer period.

For example, popular fabrics used in making Essentials hoodies include cotton and polyester. Others include cashmere and wool. Depending on what you intend to achieve, Essentials hoodies feature a blend of materials perfectly designed for various occasions. All these materials require different cleaning methods to avoid damaging the fabric. With cotton featuring more prominently in the design of the hoodies, caring for it may not be similar to polyester, wool, or other materials used in the production of Essentials hoodies. Hoodie enthusiasts mainly prefer 100% cotton types because they are not only hypoallergenic but also absorb sweat. Most sportsmen and women now opt for hoodies to enable them to stay comfortable during strenuous physical activity. This makes cotton hoodies one of the most popular clothing apparel across various occupations.

Despite the love you may have for hoodies, you may not get the best out of the apparel if you do not understand the right way of taking care of the fabric. For example, cleaning cotton hoodies using hot water not only triggers wrinkles but also increases the potential for fading. Therefore, it is important for Essentials hoodie enthusiasts to use the right cleaning methods, thus enhancing quality while retaining the original color. How you clean and wash Essentials hoodies goes a long way in not only reducing wear and tear but also preserving color.

So, can you wash the Essentials hoodie? Here is how!

100% Cotton Hoodies

Even though it is okay to wash pure cotton hoodies using a washing machine, it is important to ensure it’s on a gentle setting. Plus, you need to avoid hot water or instead keep the temperature cool. Just like any other cotton-made fabric, too much heat can enhance the chances of fading, thereby affecting the original color. It is therefore recommended that you keep the temperature of the cold water to 30 degrees Celsius. Exposing wash Essentials hoodies to extreme temperatures not only results in fading but also damages print designs on the apparel. Washing cotton hoodies correctly plays a central role in ensuring they retain their color for longer while reducing the chances of wear and tear.

Avoid Washing Machines

Another important factor that you can consider to preserve the quality of your cotton hoodie is washing it by hand. This saves the fabric from being damaged, thereby enhancing the quality. In cases where you have stubborn stains, you can either spot clean using the right detergent or treat them first before cleaning. Treating stains first before cleaning helps block the stains from spreading on other parts of the hoodie, thereby making it easier to retain the right color. However, you should avoid using bleach or fabric softener.

All in all, before you clean an Essentials hoodie, it is important to first examine the care label. This will guide you on the right cleaning options that you can explore to retain the quality of your Essentials hoodie. If done correctly, you not only stand a chance to preserve the quality of your fabric. Also, retain its original color regardless of how long you wear it. The main benefit of using cold water in cleaning cotton hoodies is that it not only reduces the chances of fading but also saves you the time you may have used in ironing by reducing wrinkles.

Cold water is the best bet with hoodies and other cotton fabrics. However, if you have to use a detergent, you have to use a mild option. Similar to jackets, you can wash hoodies at least every four times. You be smarter with the frequency of cleaning to help retain the color and quality for longer. If possible, washing hoodies gently using hands is highly recommended. The bottom line is adopting a cleaning routine that not only saves the fabric from fading but also preserves the original quality.

Polyester and Cotton Blend Hoodies

Similar to pure cotton hoodies, polyester fabrics can easily be damaged when exposed to hot temperatures. Polyester is a synthetic fabric, thus the fibers can easily break down, thereby causing damage to your hoodie. It is, therefore, recommended that cold or warm water should be used in cleaning polyester-made hoodies. Unlike hoodies made of pure cotton that require special detergents, you can use any type of detergent on polyester-blended cotton hoodies. However, it is important to keep the water temperature low to avoid shrinking. Contrary to pure cotton hoodies that require a delicate washing program, the same may not apply to polyester-blended cotton hoodies.

The good news is that polyester hardly shrinks, including when dried or exposed to hot temperatures. The resistance to shrinking is what makes it stand out among other types of fabrics. That means such types of hoodies can withstand higher dryer settings than pure cotton hoodies. However, each hoodie features different cleaning guidelines. It is important to always refer to them so that you execute the right cleaning procedure. While polyester and cotton blend hoodies may not be restrictive on cleaning guidelines, some can easily lose shape or even shrink when cleaned regularly using a machine. This implies that they can easily bleed or fade if you don’t follow the right cleaning guidelines.

Can You Wash an Essentials Hoodies?

This article highlights that you can Wash Essentials hoodies by following the right guidelines. Understanding how to care for your hoodie goes a long way in not only retaining the original color but also enhancing durability. An Essentials hoodie may be made of pure cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. Understanding the best washing tactics is crucial to avoid disappointment. Despite polyester’s durability compared to cotton, it isn’t skin-friendly. To achieve both durability and comfort, Essentials hoodies blend both fabrics. This signals why you should always get proper washing guidelines to avoid ruining the fabric. The more strategic you are with washing guidelines, the higher the chances of preserving the original color of an Essentials hoodie for a long period.


If you are wondering why your hoodies aren’t able to retain color for longer or shrink every time you wash, then it’s high time you review whether you are using the right cleaning guidelines. Contrary to other types of clothes that you can clean without restrictions, Essentials hoodies require strict cleaning guidelines. You do not want to appear at an event donning a hoodie that has wrinkles or faded. All this happens due to a lack of proper information on how you can clean it. This article provides important insights that will enable you to preserve the quality of your Essentials hoodie and avoid disappointment.

Even though Essentials hoodies boast high-quality fabric and a reputation for durability and longevity, keeping them in good condition demands more than mere cleaning.

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